The main mission of aiabassein.ee is to produce and sale product and service that responds client's requirements and expectations. To our clients we offer all necessary yard equipment, that provides perfect relaxation as in private, as in company. Our main activity is making pools, bathing barrels, saunas, yard furniture and summer houses that respond to clients wishes and needs.

Yard pools and bathing barrels are handmade mainly of estonian pine and fir and are trimmed with natural materials (flax, resin oils). Inner side is made of high quality pvc, that is resistant to changing clima and easy to care.
The advantage of six-cornered bathing barrel is that it is not getting dry and does not need caulking (like wooden bathing barrels need). Moreover, pools are available with warming system, that allows enjoying bathing the whole year round.

Round bathing barrels are also handmade mainly of estonian pine and fir and are trimmed with flax and resin oils. It is possible to order bathing barrels and pools with lighting, bubble maker and installed cleansing system. It's parts are made of corrosian-resistant metal or allumnium.

Timber summer houses and saunas. We offer large constructions just according client's wishes. Wall thickness depends of construction purpose and client's wish and could be 22, 28, 45, 70 or 90 mm thick.

It is also possible to order doghouses, sandpits and other timber constructions.

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